Los años azules | The blue years

Un gato huraño y una vieja casona del centro de Guadalajara son testigos de los dramas que 5 jóvenes de culturas y procedencias opuestas, viven a partir de la llegada de una extravagante inquilina que rompe la aparente armonía y los convierte en una fugaz y disfuncional familia.

An old house on the brink of falling apart, on a traditional neighborhood on downtown Guadalajara, is inhabited by five roomies who share expenses, dreams and lives while being watched by Schrödinger, a grumpy cat who seems to be a part of the place. Through his gaze, we get to know the sorrows of these youths who hail from different regions of the country, left their homes in a quest for identify and lives their own, and on the way come to be a temporary, dysfunctional family.